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Short Answer:

No, Black Beans are not Paleo!
are black beans paleo

Black Beans Overview

Black beans are small beans which have black shiny color and have velvety texture and earthy flavor. It is also known as black turtle beans as its outer characteristics are similar to the shell of the turtle. They are one of the most common varieties of beans and have been popular in Latin American and vegetarian cuisine. Black beans are normally used for soups because its strong flavor comes out when cooked in water.

Black beans are high in carbohydrates, fiber and protein.  Black beans are also good source of copper, manganese, vitamin B1, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

Reasons to Dump Black Beans

There are a couple of reasons why black beans are not Paleo and should be avoided:

  • Black beans are legumes and therefore they are not Paleo. While it can offer significant nutritional value, we discussed on our last article that beans have high phytate contents that block the absorption of minerals making them less bio available. (It doesn’t matter if black beans have high nutritional profile because the phytates make them useless anyway!)

Although soaking, cooking or fermenting beans can lessen the phytates in black beans, it doesn’t entirely eliminate them.

  • Lectins too are present in black beans which cannot be easily digested and can cause trouble in the intestinal lining such as inflammation, leaky gut syndrome and imbalance of gut bacteria.
  • Aside from the anti-nutrients, black beans are FODMAPs too and they can cause digestive problems.
  • Black beans are also known to be high in carbohydrates. This is not good for people who are trying to lose weight and those who have conditions such as type 2 diabetes as they can spike blood sugar level.
  • Phytohenagglutinin are compounds present in black beans which can be toxic in high amounts

To Wrap It Up…

Black beans may not be as bad as other foods not allowed in the Paleo diet because they have outstanding fiber and protein. But there are always other good food choices around that are more nutrient-dense and will not wreak havoc to the body.

What Experts Say About Black Beans… Is It Paleo?

“Kidney beans and all other varieties of beans (black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, string beans, navy beans etc.) within the Phaseolus vulgaris species contain a lectin called phytohemagglutinin (PHA).  The more PHA we ingest, the more ill we become.  This is why raw beans are so toxic – they contain much higher concentrations of PHA than cooked beans”. – Dr. Loren Cordain

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Other Names of Black Beans

Black turtle bean

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