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I decided to experiment with phosphatydlserine when I came across some info suggesting it for both high and low cortisol. I don’t quite remember the source nor do I remember the reasoning, but that’s why I’m starting this blog.

Anyway, I’m almost done with the first bottle which is Jarrow formulas. I was taking 300mg/day and was actually disappointed with Jarrow because they used dl-alpha-tocopherol instead of the natural form alpha-tocopherol. I think it was used as a preservative so I’m sure it wasn’t a huge amount, but still not like Jarrow.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling better, but I’ve also made multiple changes over the course of starting PS. So, I can’t be sure. So, I wanted to post here so I can look back at when I stopped taking it to see if symptoms worsen.

9/30/15 Update:

I’ve continued to experience crashes while on pantethine, though reducing tyrosine has helped with that. So, I decided to look at PS as a cause. Since most claims I’ve found seem to say that it will bring down your cortisol, I figured it’s a good candidate. However, I haven’t stopped it completely. I’ve reduced it from 300mg/day to 200 and I’ve moved those 200mg to before bed.

My reasoning here is that PS is supposed to be good for your brain and cells and I probably don’t get much of it. If it only brings down cortisol then I figure taking it before bed will help me sleep and give me the other benefits. If this is correct, maybe it will help overall HPA function during the rest of the day.

As usual, it’s hard to tell if it’s working as I’ve only done it for a couple of days.