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Yes, Avocado Oil is Paleo!
is avocado oil paleo

Avocado Oil Properties and Uses

Avocado oil is an edible oil that is extracted by pressing the flesh of the avocado fruit. It is brilliant green in color and has a creamy texture, mild smell and buttery and slightly nutty taste.

Avocado oil is primarily composed of monounsaturated fats at 70%, 14% of polyunsaturated fats and 16% saturated fats. Though the ratio of omega 3 to 6 is less than favourable with a ratio of 1:13, the polyunsaturated fats it contain is small enough that it may not be harmful to the body. It is also rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin B and E which offers numerous of health benefits.

Avocado oil has many uses.  In cooking, it can be used in stir frying, sautéing and baking because of its high smoke point of 400°F. It can be incorporated too in dishes like salads, garnish for soups and pizza. Avocado oil can be used as cosmetics too. It can be deeply absorbed in the skin that makes it an excellent skin moisturizer. It can help relieve skin and scalp itching and when applied regularly can promote healthy hair growth.

Benefits of Avocado Oil

Because avocado oil is just among the few plant oils that is not extracted of seeds, there are vast of benefits that it can offer.

  1. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and some of them are fiber, magnesium, potassium, Vitamins A, B, E and D. The most essential nutrients in avocado are important for bone and cardiovascular health.
  2. Avocado oil is mostly made up of monounsaturated fats which can balance and lower levels of cholesterol.
  3. Avocado oil has high levels of antioxidants such as polyphenols which can reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart diseases.
  4. The beta-sitosterol in avocado oil which is the equivalent of cholesterol in animals, when consumed has shown to inhibit cell division and can reduce significant percentage of cancer risk.
  5. Avocado oil has lutein that promotes healthy eye sight.
  6. Avocado oil increases the absorption of carotenoids from vegetables which can also lower the risk of certain cancers.
  7. The polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols in avocado oil can reduce skin damage and inflammation and can promote skin health

Choosing Your Avocado Oil

Not all oils are created the same. Avocado oil is generally extra virgin and cold pressed so it undergoes minimal processing.  Like olive oil, choose the cold-pressed avocado oil whenever possible. Make sure that the one you get is not extracted using chemical solvents and high heat to get the full benefits that the avocado oil offers.

What Experts Say About Avocado Oil.. Is It Paleo?

“Avocado oil and macadamia nut oil is fine in moderation. Although, I would not recommend cooking with it. It is delicious on a salad!” – Dr. Loren Cordain

“Who doesn’t love a plump avocado with the right amount of give? If you can’t get your hands on a good one, the next best thing might be a bottle of avocado oil. Its fatty acid profile is similar to that of olive oil, but it has an even higher smoke point, making it a decent choice for cooking.” – Mark Sisson

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