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Short Answeris mustard paleo?

It depends!

The Perfect Hotdog Companion!

Mustard is a popular condiment that is usually paired with meats like burgers, hotdogs and sausages and cheese. It is made from the ground seeds of the mustard plant mixed with water, lemon juice or vinegar and other flavorings and spices. Its taste usually ranges from sweet, tangy and spicy.

Mustard can be a bit of confusing because it refers to both seed and plant of mustard. It also refers to the condiment found in grocery stores. The mustard plant is definitely Paleo because it is one of the oldest foods consumed by human. The mustard seeds on the other hand are not so Paleo friendly because they are seeds. Though they are only consumed in small amounts and are soaked in water before consumption, they still contain antinutrients that can harm the body. Most of the commercial mustards sold in supermarkets are infrequently Paleo because they contain preservatives and sugar.

If you can’t enjoy your meats without mustard dressing, make sure to use Paleo approved ingredients in making your own.

Popular Varieties of Mustard

There are many different kinds of mustards and below are some of the popular ones:

  1. Dijon mustard – also known as the brown mustard, Dijon mustard is a traditional condiment named after the town of Dijon in France. It has a medium-hot taste and pale yellow color with creamy consistency. Dijon is made with white wine and is often used to add flavor to sauces, gravies and salad dressings. It is one of the safest choices in the Paleo diet because it is usually much more natural compared to other varieties.
  2. American yellow mustard – The most commonly used mustard in the United States. It is very mild prepared mustard with bright yellow color that comes from turmeric. American mustard is used in hotdogs, sandwiches, hamburgers and pretzels. It is one of the milder varieties of mustard.
  3. Whole grain mustard – Also known as granary or stone ground mustard, this kind is prepared with whole mustard seeds mixed with other ingredients. It has a grainy texture and best used in potato salad.
  4. Spicy brown mustard – or deli-style mustard, another commonly used mustard in the United States. The seeds used are coarsely ground that gives the speckled brownish-yellow color. It is spicier than the American mustard and is a favorite topping for barbecues.
  5. Honey mustard – It is a blend of honey and mustard in 1:1 ratio. It is common in sandwiches and dip for chicken fingers. It is a sweet variety of mustard but has a little sharpness.

Nutritional Value of Mustard

Mustard seeds contain trace amounts of minerals and micronutrients. It is high in minerals selenium and magnesium which are known to have anti-inflammatory effects. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Mustard seeds are rich in antioxidants too.

When mixed and made to a condiment, it will contain sodium.

Health Benefits of Mustard

Not only is that mustard is good as a condiment. It also provides health benefits.

  1. Mustard has a natural antibiotic effect that is good in treating infections.
  2. Mustard stimulates the appetite and therefore helps in weight loss. It also promotes digestion by neutralizing the effects of toxins in the digestive system.
  3. Mustard has anti-inflammatory properties coming from selenium that are found to reduce the risk and severity of asthma.
  4. Mustard seeds are rich in antioxidants that protect the cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.
  5. Mustard seeds contain phytonutrients called isothiocyanates which can prevent or stop the growth of gastrointestinal and colorectal cancers.

Making Homemade Paleo Mustard

Most mustard condiments found in grocery stores contain additives. Paleo diet requires the use of natural and Paleo ingredientsonly. It is always best and safe to make your own at home.

Making Paleo mustard is very easy. What you’ll need are ground mustard seeds, water and salt. Mix the ingredients altogether. Adding lemon juice is optional. Once mixed, allow to set for 24 hours and enjoy!

So… Is Mustard Paleo?

If you opt to create your own mustard and use only natural ingredients, then it is Paleo. If you wish to use mustard sold in stores, make sure to read the label and they do not contain additives that can be harmful to the body.

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