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is organic sugar paleo

No, Organic Sugar is not Paleo!

Unravelling Organic Sugar..

Organic sugar is unrefined sugar cultivated, harvested and processed without the cancer-causing and non-friendly environmental pesticides present in the conventional sugar. It is extracted from raw organic sugar cane. It is almost the same as the normal sugar only without the application of additives or synthetic chemicals. Organic sugar is less processed, keeping most of the nutrients from its raw form. It is made up of sucrose, fructose and glucose. It is processed through a single crystallization process which preserves the flavour of sugar cane. Growth and harvest is performed with organic fertilizers and manual weed control.

It is difficult to distinguish organic from non-organic sugar on looks or taste alone. Some organic sugars come in brown and white colors too. Organic sugar, compared to conventional sugar, is more golden in color. One invisible difference is that organic sugar has a glycemic index of 47 while the refined sugar has 80.

Common Misconceptions on Organic Sugar

The definition of organic can differ depending on the region where you are from. The United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA) has one of the world’s most strict certification processes when it comes to organic products. And to be able to be labelled organic, the sugar must be proven chemical-free from the beginning to the packaging process. This certification is comparable to some countries in Europe too. But in other places, the term organic can be used by manufacturers as something that has a “natural component”. It doesn’t always say if the organic label that they have can guarantee that the product has been processed without any chemical additives up to the packaging process, or if the crops used to produce sugar or any other products have been treated with any man-made components. Natural sugar can be referred to as organic sugar in some locations. And there is a huge difference between organic and the refined one.

Another misconception is that organic Sugar came from organic sugar cane or sugar beets. Many sugar beets in the market have been genetically altered to help the crops become pesticide-resistant, meaning; they were not applied with any chemicals or pesticides to keep the insects away. It can also mean that finding organic sugar beet in the market very challenging as some smaller farms and more rural crops will produce it. Majority of the organic sugar in the market today come from sugar cane.

Does It Matter If It Is Organic?

Whether the sugar is organic or not, it is still sugar! It doesn’t make a difference whether it is raw or not. The process of producing organic sugar from the regular one may be different, but the chemical composition is still the same.

Sugar doesn’t have nutrients to offer and can cause harmful effects on your body like indigestion, insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

Organic sugar may be a good alternative to regular sugar because it is eco-friendly; it undergoes healthy agricultural and cleaner refining process. Still, sugar in any form is not Paleo!

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