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I’ve struggled with adrenal dysfunction for quite some time and I’ve done tons of research on this. However, of all the recommendations out there for improving adrenal function this one is often left out or glossed over. If it’s mentioned, it rarely includes specific recommendations for dosing or much emphasis. I was grateful to finally learn this from Chris Kresser’s book as quoted below and I quickly started supplementing. It’s helping already and I’m only on day 2 at the time of writing this.

“Pantethine, the active form of pantothenic acid (B5), is one of the most important nutrients for adrenal function. It is converted into an enzyme called co-enzyme A. Coenzyme A is required to produce adrenal hormones like cortisol and aldosterone, which support healthy adrenal function. The suggested dose of pantethine is 450 mg twice a day with food.” – From Chris Kresser’s Personal Paleo Code

Co-enzyme A is ultimately converted to Acetyl Co-Enzyme A which has several functions in the body. It is produced by the krebs cycle and is part of the citric acid cycle. Therefore, it plays an important part in metabolism.

Anyway, the important thing here is that CoA and cholesterol are used to produce pregnenolone which is the up-stream hormone that is converted into progesterone, then progesterone is converted into either aldosterone or cortisol.

Taking more pregnenolone is often a treatment path for adrenal dysfunction, but taking high-ish dose Pantethine is a way to achieve increased pregnenolone without taking the hormone directly.

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