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Short Answer:are cherries paleo

Yes, Cherries are Paleo!

Super Cherries

From the genus Prunus, cherries are fleshy drupes relative to plums and peaches and are native to temperate regions. Cherries are Paleo and have been consumed since prehistoric times. It has been recorded that cherries were brought to Rome in around 72 B.C. and were enjoyed by ancient Rome, Greece and China.

Cherries come in two varieties: sweet and sour (tart) which are both packed with nutritional benefits that is good for one’s health. Sweet cherries are best eaten fresh and raw while sour cherries needs to develop a fuller flavor and mostly used in baking. Cherries are regarded as a dessert fruit but can also be used in smoothies, pies, garnish for cocktails, ice creams and other desserts.

Nutritional Value of Cherries

Because of cherries sweet and juicy taste, it has become popular. They contain bursting amounts of nutrients and other bioactive components that are associated in the prevention of several diseases. A cup of cherries contain fiber, potassium, protein, vitamins A and C.

Cherries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants and polyphenols that can help fight diseases. Cherries contain phytonutrient anthocyanin that is beneficial for the brain. They are also high in beta carotene, more than blueberries or strawberries contain. Similar to berries, cherries are fairly low in carbohydrates with a glycemic index of 22.

Top Health Benefits of Cherries

While cherries contain fructose like most fruits do, these petite small fruits can help improve your health with the following benefits:

Antioxidant Properties

Cherries contain high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients like anthocyanins, quercetin and hydroxycinnamates that can fight free radical damage and protect the cells and the body against aging, cancer, diabetes and neurological conditions.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

These delicious fruits are known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help with conditions directly related to inflammation such as arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia and even heart disease.

Cancer Prevention

The vitamin C, fiber, carotenoid and anthocyanins combined may help in preventing cancer. Sweet cherries are good source of cyanidins which act as antioxidant that can promote cellular differentiation therefore aid in reducing cancer risk.

Sleep Health

Cherries contain melatonin, a hormone that the body produces naturally in order to control sleep and wake cycles. This plays an important role in improving sleep quality and bodily regeneration.

Heart Health

Based on studies conducted, consumption of cherries can lead to lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides which are the two leading causes of heart diseases. Cherries are also loaded with potassium which is a natural blood-pressure regulator. Potassium alleviates hypertension and high blood pressure thus, reducing risk of stroke.

What Experts Say About Cherries

“Cherries are similar to berries in terms of their antioxidant value. They have a bit higher natural sugar content, but they’re still very low-carb and are an excellent source of important fiber”. – Mark Sisson

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