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Are Bananas Paleo?

Short Answer: Yes, Bananas are Paleo! Banana and Its Types Banana is an edible fruit that grows in clusters hanging from the top of the plant and is available all year round. It is usually, curved and… Read More

Is Cantaloupe Paleo?

Short Answer: Yes, Cantaloupe is Paleo! The Muskmelons Often called rockmelon or muskmelon, cantaloupe is a fruit from the gourd family known as Cucurbitaceae.  It is the same family as melon, squash… Read More

Is Corn Paleo?

Short Answer: No, Corn is not Paleo! Corn is a Worthless Grain! Often mistaken as vegetable, maize or popularly known as corn is actually a grain from a native plant in America. It has been a staple i… Read More

Are Figs Paleo?

Short Answer: Yes, Figs are Paleo! Figs Are Naturally Sweet! Figs are Paleo-friendly fruits from the mulberry family and are available during summer and early fall months.  It is the main ingredient … Read More

Is Garlic Paleo?

Short Answer: Yes, Garlic is Paleo! The True Superfood… Allium Sativum or garlic is a species in the onion genus Allium and is cousins with leeks, onions and chives. It is widely used around the… Read More

Is Curry Powder Paleo?

Short Answer: Yes, Curry Powder is Paleo! Blend of Spices Curry powder is a mix of spices used in South Asian cuisines long before the arrival of Europeans in India. Most curry powders include coriand… Read More