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No, Deep Frying is not Paleo…

Deep Frying and the Fats Used..

is deep frying paleo
Deep frying is a cooking method in which food is submerged in hot oil and is normally done in a deep fryer. Due to the extreme high temperature, the food cooks quickly in this method.  Deep frying keeps more antioxidant capacity in some vegetables but less in others when compared to boiling or pan frying.

In choosing the right fat for deep frying, considerations are to be made.  First is the fat or oil to be used in frying. There are several Paleo-approved oils and fats that can be used for deep frying but the most common of them which can be used for deep frying are coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, ghee, lard and animal fats.

Coconut oil is one of the favourite oils in Paleo diet. It is 90 percent saturated fat and almost 50 percent comes from lauric acid which makes it easy to digest. It is best for deep frying as it works well in high heating temperature. Its smoke point is 350°F.

Macadamia nut oil is one of the oils that have high smoke points which mean it is ideal for deep frying. This oil is cold pressed from the macadamia nut and is similar to the extra vigil olive oil. Its smoke point is 390°F.

Ghee or clarified butter is a butter that has had the milk cooked and strained out of it. Its smoke point is from 375°F to 485°F depending on its purity. It is Paleo-approved and therefore can be used for frying.

Lard is one of the most traditional fats used in cooking. Naturally rendered lard is a monosaturated fat in the form of oleic fatty acid and is very healthy. It is known for its use in high temperatures cooking like deep frying.

Animal fat is Paleo and can be used for deep frying.  Grass-fed beef tallow and duck fats are some examples of this. All animal fats can withstand very high temperatures without oxidizing.  Just make sure that when using these fats, they were not extracted chemically or by force.

Temperature in Deep Frying Is Significant

Now that we know the types of fat that can be used for deep frying, let’s not forget about the temperature.

Deep frying requires oils or fats that have high smoking points. Smoke point is simply the point when the oil begins to smoke.

As long as the fat used in deep frying is hot enough and the food is not immersed in it for too long, the oil will not penetrate the food, keeping the food’s moisture inside. When the oil used for deep frying is heated past its smoke point, it produces toxic fumes and free radicals which are harmful to the body.

If the oil or fat used in deep frying does not reach a high temperature, the food will definitely absorb all the fats and will become greasy. The temperature used in deep frying is normally 350°F – 375°F. Fats or oils that cannot handle high temperatures will result in burned food.

Deep frying is not Paleo and you can only do so with the right ingredient, right fat and right temperature in. :)

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What experts say about Deep Frying.. Is it Paleo?

Is frying Primal? I’d give that a solid yes. With the right oils under the right conditions, fried veggies and meats are perfectly acceptable Primal delicacies. Are there better cooking methods? Yes. But again, with the right fat, temperature and food (no traditional batters in sight), frying is an acceptable cooking method. – Mark Sisson

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